Excellence in manufacturing television displays may be the foundation for TCL, but it hasn’t stopped us from bringing that expertise to the small screen.

With the TCL 10 Series, we continued our commitment to democratise innovation, bringing top of the range specs with affordable prices.

Industry leading display quality has always been our calling card, and we’ve carried that through to the 10 Series, with our patented NXTVision technology bringing the screen to life.

To do so, we are working with an exciting range of partners who celebrate various forms of DISPLAY GREATNESS across the UK and Ireland in cinema, television and sports.

Firstly, there’s the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, where we’ll sponsor three Life in Pictures events, two Masterclasses and the BAFTA Television Awards After Party. We’ll be helping the British Academy bring the very best acts of greatness to public attention, just as our new handsets, using NXTVision, will DISPLAY GREATNESS in a way no one else can match.

We’re also partnering with Retro Drive-In Movies in Ireland. Just as they strive for a brilliant cinematic experience to bring you the world’s biggest movies on the world’s biggest LED screens, we strive for cinematic quality on our 10 Series phones.

We at TCL Communications pride ourselves on giving back to the community, which is why we’re working with Performance Plus Sport, a charity designed around helping young people get into sport. Displays of greatness aren’t just limited to the screen, and we want to help as many young athletes as possible DISPLAY GREATNESS on their stage.

Find out more about TCL here: https://www.tcl.com/